Club Spotlight - Loughborough

Loughborough is a small town based in the East Midlands, with one of the sportiest universities in the world, where GB athletes and Olympians are built.

Hybrid Fitness, also known as Loughborough’s hidden gem, not only attracts a wide range of young and sporty individuals but also friendly locals who have been part of the community for years.

Our members are spoilt for choice with our wide range of unlimited classes, especially our newly released Strength, MiT and Rebalance classes.

Manager Gaby has completely changed the club around and built the Hybrid Community with her welcoming and bubbly personality.

She’s made unforgettable connections with members, encouraging a healthy lifestyle and the perfect balance between training and having fun, through organising social nights out at the local pub, The Phantom.

Gaby took a group of strangers and turned them into a community full of people that inspire and motivate each other, even outside of the gym.

Her strong team of staff that work together to provide a safe and fun environment to train in are also the backbone of the club and keeps the community alive.

We’ve hit a gap in the market being the only gym in town to offer a female-only lifting class. Our She-Lifts ladies, of all levels and abilities, train in confidence knowing that we provide a safe space for them week in and week out.

Olympic Lifting has also become a new favourite for our community. This class is perfect for beginners - we’ve seen our members’ confidence skyrocket as our coaches safely and carefully take our members through each lift, and most importantly how to fail one! You also look like a badass once you’ve learned how to snatch so that’s always an added bonus.

We’re constantly seeing and hearing about our members making incredible progress with their training, not only with their physical ability but their well-being too, and seeing that post-PB happy dance makes it all worth it.

The club has also hit the ground running with new classes launching and filling up.

These classes are programmed with a bigger focus on Strength and Conditioning, not with your regular exercises that don't have a purpose.

Strength and MiT classes are made to build progress week by week through full body movements, complimented with our Rebalance class which covers the recovery side of things, just as important!

If you’re in or around the area, put this club on your list of gyms to try out and get a sense of a true fitness community.