Converting studio hoppers into full-time members

Owning your own gym franchise allows you to meet new people every day, which is one of the many highlights. With a Hybrid Fitness franchise you’ll be exposed to lots of people, many of whom will be regular members and also be drop ins.

Drop-ins will potentially make up a significant proportion of your studio classes. These guys will jump from studio to studio whilst working towards their fitness goals, opting to experience a variety of classes and studios rather than settling for one.

However, some people who drop into classes will not be hopping about for the sake of it. They may be trialling classes before signing up, or they may not yet know what they want from a studio. Here’s how you can try to convert drop-ins into full-time members.

1 - Make a point to speak to drop-ins directly

Make sure you introduce yourself. Welcome them to the class and check they know what’s happening. Making the effort to have a chat and adding that personal touch will help you stand out against the other studios that person attends.

Don’t try and sell your product though. They are at the class, let them enjoy it. Keep conversation light and about them, don’t pile on the pressure to return and sign up as a member.

2 - Make Sure Your Experience is Good Enough to Encourage Bouncers to Come Back

Is your studio clean and well maintained? Do you have great equipment and enthusiastic coaches? Is your programming unique and challenging? Do you have progressions and regressions? Are you creating a friendly and welcoming environment? The space, the coaches and the overall vibe can be the key to converting bouncers into full time members.

3 - Utilise Fitness Success Stories

Use your existing members to highlight the benefits of training with you over the long term. You can do this through social media, by partnering a long term member with new clients during classes or by introducing your long term clients to new members to initiate a conversation. The benefits don’t just have to be physical. It can be mental health, finding new friends or being part of a like minded community.

Let your community speak for you.

4 - Highlight the Benefits of a Membership Over Drop In Sessions

Without being too salesy or pushy, it’s always worth letting drop-ins know that it will always be cheaper to sign up for a membership and that there might be other benefits available to members (free PT sessions, merch, workshops and seminars etc)

Membership may bring other benefits that drop-ins are missing out on. If you run community sessions, have discounts with partners or regular competitions, let those drop-ins know what they could be missing out on. Many of them might be looking for this sort of community and may settle for a membership because of everything you offer.

All your members are important and you should look after them as best you can, but paying some particular attention to your regular studio-hoppers can help you convert them into regular paying members which ultimately is the goal.

Make them feel comfortable and part of the community, treat them with respect and show them what they are missing out on and you’ll grow your membership and your community.