How our coaches work and how they are changing lives: an insight into Hybrid Fitness programming

Find out how Hybrid Fitness coaches work with our members to transform their lives through fundamental training principles.

We know that the gym is an escape for some, and we believe in the power of dedicated coaches who go above and beyond, transforming lives through exercise, close relationships, and community building.

We’ve created an environment built for members of all abilities, levels and backgrounds to thrive no matter their fitness level.

Our world-class coaching combined with elite programming helps our members build strong bodies and experience life-changing transformations, and here’s an overview of how we achieve it all:

#1 Teaching Fundamental Training Principles

The fundamental training principles within our programming serve as the backbone of our coaching philosophy. The main focus is building a strong foundation for our members, emphasising proper form, technique and functional movements.

These principles help members improve their performance within the gym and enhance their overall functional fitness for everyday activities, translating these movements into their daily lives.

#2 Building Fitness Communities

The one thing that keeps members coming back for more is not only our fitness expertise but the ability of our coaches to foster a supportive environment, essentially building communities and turning a group of strangers into a fitness family.

We provide our members a safe space where everyone feels welcome and involved. We promote a judgment-free zone where coaches and members empower each other and encourage everyone to step out of their comfort zone and reach new heights, all done within a positive and inclusive space.

#3 Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

It’s been proven repeatedly how important it is to set goals and track progress, even outside of training. It helps keep our members motivated and accountable, teaching them to learn discipline and not rely on motivation alone.

Over a few weeks of attending regular classes and following our programming, our coaches provide feedback and highlight areas of improvement. They do this by getting to know each member, familiarising themselves with their strengths and weaknesses and understanding their challenges and goals.

This personalised approach in our Small Group Classes encourages members to stay on track, receiving the attention and support they need to reach their goals.

#4 Lifestyle Integration

Life goes beyond the gym, and most people don’t spend much of their time in one. We help members understand and integrate a healthy lifestyle into their everyday lives that are sustainable and will have a long-lasting impact.

We understand there’s much misleading information on the internet, so we work closely with our members, guiding them through nutrition, the importance of sleep and recovery, and adopting a balanced approach to their lifestyle.