It’s Time To Invest In The Fitness Industry

Statistics don’t lie, and according to these statistics, the health and fitness industry is on an upward trend that doesn’t show signs of slowing down. The fitness industry is set to be worth a whopping £3.9 billion and is becoming one of the most valuable industries in the UK

If you’re thinking of investing you should absolutely be looking at the fitness industry, below we discuss why.

Steady Demand

Today, more people are interested in living a healthier lifestyle. A spotlight was shone on fitness during the pandemic and the appetite to be more active continues to grow.

While many are training in their own homes or at local parks, many many others are looking for the best training facility to give them what they need. The target market for fitness has grown and a fitness franchise can succeed even in these more difficult financial times.

You Have Options

There are a host of fitness options available to you. You can pick and choose from various franchise businesses and find the right fit for you. Whether you’re interested in a gym or a certain type of studio, you can really find something and someone that matches your values.

Hybrid Fitness is an excellent option as we merge two concepts into one, an affordable but high end gym along with programmed S&C classes that you’d find in a studio as well as Yoga and Combat. The best of all worlds in one facility.

A Wide Open Target Market

The great thing about fitness is that it is open and available to everyone. While there are various training styles and classes that an individual can choose and may prefer, most are looking for a good environment, space, quality coaching and working equipment to use.

Gender isn’t a factor, age isn’t a barrier. Fitness is available to everyone, giving you a wide audience to target for your fitness franchise.

Potential For Future Growth

Having a great presale isn’t the end of your business growth, it’s just the start. As long as you continue to offer great customer service and a clean, friendly location, word of mouth will do the business for you.

People like to train together, people talk about their training and where they do it. Over time, word will get out and you’ll be seeing an uptake in referrals. Also, curiosity will bring new members to your door.

Staying consistent, maintaining the best customer service and keep standards high will see your business grow.

A Resilient Industry

We’ve seen the evidence of how resilient the fitness industry is. Even during a pandemic, gyms survived. Of course there were troubles, but on the whole the industry did well by adapting and keeping members engaged.

At Hybrid Fitness we opened our second gym in Canary Wharf in the midst of the pandemic, opening our doors for two weeks before having to close them again due to a second lockdown. Canary Wharf still maintained its membership and general interest through online classes and outdoor PT (when restrictions were loosened) and is now one of our most successful locations.

The Fitness Industry is a fantastic industry to invest in and owning a gym needn't be as overwhelming as it might seem.

Want to find out more, get in touch and we’d be happy to share our knowledge of the industry and how it can work for you.

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