Meet The Franchisee - Jason Beckford

Sutton Franchisee Jason

Hi i'm Jason Beckford and I have worked in the fitness industry for the past 14 years. I started as a receptionist, qualified as a personal trainer and sports massage therapist, and eventually opened my own boutique fitness studio - Studio 234 in Sutton, Surrey.

Physical exercise taught me structure and discipline, and enforced the idea that you get out what you put in. The same applies for business, and I’m a big believer that if you fully commit to something the results will follow. This is also something I’ve been able to pass onto 100’s of clients over the years, which has led not only to great physical transformations, but also lifestyle changes that have really helped improve mental health and happiness.

Why Hybrid Fitness

My studio was operating fine, but I felt like I'd taken it as far as I could and I was really looking at my options. I could either rebrand, change the product offering or look to convert the studio into something else entirely.

That’s when I came across Hybrid Fitness. Their values matched mine; creating an inclusive, community driven training environment that values hard work, but wants to have fun and enjoy training.

After some initial chats with the MD and the Business Development Director I felt really confident that the studio could be something more as a Hybrid Fitness. This was going to be the first studio under the Hybrid umbrella, something I feel pretty proud about. After a few more calls and meetings, we had mapped out the route to opening, confirmed the offering and were ready to get going.

At every point of our conversation I felt massively included in the process. From the designs, to the classes and timetable to staffing and marketing, I was involved in the decision making process.

Hybrid Fitness kept everything transparent, keeping me in the loop. I had had a couple of conversations with other gyms/studios whilst talking to Hybrid, but they didn't leave me feeling as confident or involved.

Overall, being able to have some input on my studio and the level of open communication between myself and Hybrid Fitness was the deciding factor for me. Matching of values and the awesome product they deliver played a part too

How was the Process?

From start to finish it was great. As mentioned, the team at Hybrid Fitness are super open about what’s going on, why things are happening and when things are going to land.

They kept me involved in the process and used my local knowledge to help them shape their marketing.

On top of this they have some great partnerships and deals with kit suppliers and manufacturers. We had great deals on the kit we needed, and we got it quickly.

From the moment I made my initial inquiry I've had constant contact with the team and have understood every aspect of the process. I felt involved and in very capable hands.

It’s a small space, but the Hybrid Fitness team has really worked some magic, creating more floor space for S&C whilst adding in space for Yoga. The studio is a more open space and can cater to more needs. Again, a major tick for the team

Overall, I couldn’t be happier with Hybrid Fitness. Their commitment to making the studio work, their knowledge of the industry and their partnerships had a significant impact on getting the place converted and open. I really appreciate them keeping me involved too.

Members Reaction

The current members couldn’t be happier. They’ve got a little of what they already have with the addition of some impressive S&C classes and updated Cycle classes and Yoga.

The reaction has been really positive and we’ve kept all the existing members whilst actually bringing some leavers back.

For new members, we’ve had a very good response to pre-sale, the 7 day trial worked a treat and the price point is exactly what it needs to be. There’s not many doing what we do nearby, but we don’t rest on our laurels. We’re actively working with the community to bring them into the Hybrid Fitness fold. So far it’s been an impressive and strong start.

We’re building a really strong community here and I'm looking forward to how it grows over time.

Would you work with Hybrid Again on other locations

Yes, absolutely. In fact, watch this space…..