New Marketing Team Member

Time to meet our newest team member Iveta. She's been with us for a few months now and has already had a huge impact on the marketing department. Read on to find out more about Iveta.

What's your background and what have you been studying?

I started my journey in Loughborough with a BA in Graphic Communication and alongside that gained experience with student communities. I got myself involved with societies, on committee as a promotions and media rep for 2 years and chairing an all female fitness society during my Masters year.

I applied to do a (panic) masters in Marketing mainly because, although they’re two very different subjects, graphics and marketing tie in very well together.

How did you first get involved with Hybrid Fitness?

I trained at the Loughborough club on and off throughout my time at university as it was known as the ‘quiet gym’ in town. Although that’s definitely not the case anymore!

I was looking to leave my current job and having a close relationship with the staff, seeing the working environment being very chilled and friendly I thought why not join the team.

Why did you want to work for hybrid fitness?

Fitness has always been a passion of mine and always want to get involved with things that I enjoy. I firstly saw my front of house position as just this part-time student job to make ends meet during my last year at university.

But after a few months working here I really started to see an opportunity to grow within the company, low and behold, the opportunity becomes reality.

What's the first thing you learned about marketing when you started ?

My manager Matt B absolutely chewed my ear off during our first calls together, which I can only thank him for. I remember his first piece of his marketing advice being ‘create emotional response’.

If people can emotionally respond to an ad, post, leaflet, the chances of them purchasing the product increases by a significant amount.

Meet Iveta
Marketing Team New Hire

What does your day to day look like?

My days vary. A lot. Being completely transparent here, there are some days where I’m sat at my desk planning content for social media and writing blogs, and some days I go on fun trips out in London, visiting other clubs, shooting content and Axe Throwing with my team.

It’s a very engaging job where there ALWAYS something to be getting on with, especially when working with a creative team that comes up with many ideas for us to market.

What's been the most challenging thing so far?

I’d say finding my rhythm of how I work has been a series of trial and error. I couldn’t have asked for better management, Matt B has been very patient with me and given me the right amount of independance and guidance to allow me to find that rhythm, although I’m not quite there yet, every week gets easier and easier.

And the most satisfying?

Watching my ideas come to life! I’m currently on a reel frenzy and had a super fun ‘Meet The Team’ reel idea for the Loughborough club which everyone absolutely loved once it got filmed and posted.

What are you looking forward to most about your future with Hybrid?

Oh definitely looking forward to the opening of our new clubs. I assisted a little with the opening of a small class studio in Sutton which was super exciting so I can’t imagine how satisfying it would be once the bigger clubs are up and running. Which also means the team expanding and meeting new people!

Any tips for budding marketeers from your experience so far ?

Have a bit of confidence. I’m still working on mine, but you won’t get anywhere if you don’t step out of your comfort zone. Once I started actually trusting myself and my ideas, my imposter syndrome lessened.

That also leads me onto another tip, don’t let imposter syndrome get the best of you. Remind yourself that you were hired for a reason and that it’s absolutely okay to ask for a bit of reassurance, especially if you’re like me and it’s your first big girl job.