Training Days at Hybrid Fitness

Great sessions fail without great coaching.

Training Day For Hybrid Fitness Coaches

We regularly hold training days for our coaches and anyone wanting to become a coach at Hybrid Fitness.

Our introductory training is designed to ensure that all our coaches understand our philosophy, how we coach our S&C programme and why we deliver our programme to our members. We go beyond the structure and exercise selection, focusing on our programme’s how and why and our dedication to performance over aesthetics.

Our lead coaches have decades of experience across sports, athlete development and high-performance training and they bring this experience to coaching days so that performance mindset is front and centre of S&C sessions.

The training days help our coaches understand performance training vs training, and the detail behind a performance mindset, to ultimately make them better coaches, helping members become better athletes.

We aren’t afraid to unleash the athlete in everyone, but we understand it takes great coaching and a mindset shift to unlock that potential.

Training days help us to build knowledge and confidence in our coaches who can then pass that on to our members.

During the training days, coaches work through movement, recovery, nutrition, the programme itself, the right progressions and regressions, and understanding the participants' mindset to maximise the return for each individual.

Our focus is on performance, and from performance follows results.