Welcoming new members to your gym

Think back to the first time you stepped into a new gym/studio that you were considering joining. It can be an intimidating and nerve-wracking experience. Often people will go in with the best of intentions and not sign up and never come back. Your first impression is everything and can be the difference between someone joining or not.

Part of being a gym owner is creating an inclusive, welcoming environment for everyone. You have to work hard to keep your members happy and harder again to make your gym/studio the place people want to join.

When potential members are looking to join it’s important to focus on how you treat them. Language should be encouraging and positive and conversation should be focused on their goals and how your gym is the place for them.

With some patience and understanding you are more likely to convert leads into paying members.

Here are some tips to help you welcome new members to your gym:

1- Treat them like people, not just a sale or revenue.

If you take the time to get to know your client, their name, goals, worries and concerns you’re already making a great step towards a sign up. Making a connection with that person and showing them how your gym/studio can really benefit them humanises the process. That connection on a personal level is more likely to leave them feeling comfortable and confident enough to return and become a member.

2- Make sure your offer is open to everyone. All ages, backgrounds and fitness levels are welcome.

Not everyone is going to be in the best shape of their lives when they train with you. You’ll have people at every fitness level and they will all have different motivations for joining you.

Some, at the start of their fitness journey will feel less comfortable and less confident coming into your gym. Make sure every new member taking their first class/session has modifications and variations of exercises to help them enjoy the session and get maximum impact from it.

People will appreciate the attention to detail and the personal touch.

3- Create a positive, motivational and energetic environment

A customer's first impression is directly influenced by the type, feel and vibe of the environment they are entering into. Keep your space clean, make sure your front of house staff greet everyone with a smile and energy and make sure your coaches are full of energy and are great motivators.

You want new members to feel welcome, try to create an atmosphere that will leave them wanting to come back because of the positivity and encouragement they feel in your gym.

4- Let them know that you’re looking forward to seeing them again

It’s all about adding value for new members and long term members alike. You’re greeting your members with enthusiasm and helping new members/prospective members feel welcomed. You can do the same on the way out as you do on the way in.

It may seem cheesy, but telling someone, as they leave, that you’re really looking forward to seeing them at their next session can be a huge boost to confidence and the desire to come back and train again.

Go out of your way to make members (old and new) feel welcomed, appreciated and part of the community, through this you’ll have loyal members who will become your marketeers through word of mouth recommendations.

Follow these tips to help you build a strong community and turn visitors into long term members.