Strength & Conditioning
Training designed for every level and ability. The programme is designed to help improve overall strength and conditioning. Over time you’ll be able to train harder, improve your recovery and move better.


An effective and challenging total-body workout, designed for every level and ability.


Mobility for Athletes. Reflect on the weeks training and iron out the kinks


High Intensity interval training that takes your cardio training to the next level.
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Bodyweight work out to develop of strength, endurance, flexibility and coordination
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Triple threat

A mix of high intensity cardio, strength and boxing to condition while improving overall fitness.
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Small group training

A mix of cardio and resistance training with the atmosphere of a group session
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Yin Yoga

Long holding of postures and a focus on relaxing the muscles with breath work

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa is a flowing style of yoga linking the poses with your breath
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Hot Power Yoga

This yoga class will give you the strength, flexibility and cardio kick your body needs
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Express Bikram Yoga

A 60 minute taster of the original 90 minute Bikram series
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Hot Yogalates

A low intensity workout blending elements of Yoga and Pilates.
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Yin / Hot Yin

Long holding of postures and a focus on relaxing the muscles with breath work
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Pound 4 Pound

Rise the ranks with our high intensity rounds of boxing mixed in with bodyweight and core exercises.


Build the mentality of a champion with padwork, agility, cardio drills and strength training

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

A floor based martial art where raw strength isn’t your only ally
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Racquet sports


Access to a free squash court for Hybrid members
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On site padel court
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